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Chaumet has been in quality, technology and trends on the persistence persistence. It's never outdated jewelry design, jewelry making technology to constantly improve. Today, Chaumet is still high society and the Western collectors the most desirable top jewelry brands.

Chaumet Chaumet: Princess of France's top jewelry

chaumet started in 1780 by marie-etienne nitot single-handedly established in Paris, France, has always been to create stunning works of jewelry is famous for generations. With superb jewelry making process,Tiffany Bracelets   the gem appraisal professional perspective, and flexible sales techniques, nitot immediately appointed as Queen's jeweler by Napoleon, the statement prominent. In addition to numerous casting Napoleon Queen's sword and jewelery outside, nitot more dedicated to Empress Josephine and Mary Lewis, a unique manufacturing sections of the crown.

Royal seal, Guan Jie nitot in the Napoleonic era of the original crown, very gorgeous, show court life was extravagant luxury side. The design of the crown generally more grand and elegant style, and possessed considerable weight, which even some places on the need to wear in the lower position, or even close to the eyebrows above. Sections of the diamond-studded crown, pearls and other precious stones, the design concept of the Greek and Roman art full of color, to show works of absolute beauty chaumet eternal valuable. For example, Josephine Queen coronation in 1804 to wear the laurel Yehou Guan, most favored by the connoisseurs of the past hundred years, have repeatedly been trying to copy. Chaumet crown was created, known as a symbol of royal power and class, intended to recognize the exclusive royal style, the more respected members of the court the status of implementation limit.

Chaumet Chaumet: Princess of France's top jewelry

Flow regime Romantic era after the fall of Napoleon, Europe still more imperial rule, the country competing to show off their status. Royal jewelry demand for noble, no less, but the crown is the emergence of new design changes. In nitot successors jean-baptiste fossin leadership, chaumet crown and jewelry design style, turn away from classical imperialism in the prevalence of strong color, instead, is simple and sleek lines, set off with Ruby, Emerald , diamond, enamel and other precious stones. Crown using flowers, leaves, rice, butterflies, vines, such as design themes, revealing the nature more than ideology, but also represent chaumet constantly novelty, change, and no time to stress the creative spirit of the fine. Chaumet noble and distinctive crown jewelry, jewelry making breakthroughs in the design of the general thinking, to lead the royal family and nobles were the most valuableTiffany Bracelets  diamond trend of appreciation is also only the most distinguished level of nobility, it is worth having.

Renowned international status of a higher level in the late nineteenth century, rapid and successful development of the global industry, which created a highly, some industrial and commercial entrepreneurs, while also setting off a trend of private property to show off. Women around the world are willing to invest in the sections of aristocratic luxury jewelry and the crown in order to dress themselves as noble as the Queen. At the same time, the King of France is also actively involved in advocating the International Exhibition jeweler.

The rule of law in the exhibition are works headdress won numerous awards, causing momentary sensation. Overseas buyers then have to go to Paris to buy the crown and other ornaments, but found chaumet of fine jewelry, fusion of the classic Hall-huang in the design of the essence of modern new look, fully in line with their pursuit of a personality unique taste. chaumet brand reputation in the international market since pioneering the, for many in Europe, the reputation as mayor and our valued customers to create extraordinary magnificent diamond crown.

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